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  • We provide mutli-sector industrial permits (MSGPs)

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Who We Are

We are a family owned and operated company working out of Santa Fe since 2007. We serve builders across the state of New Mexico to provide quality Storm Water Prevention Pollution Plans (SWPPP) and related products custom tailored for any job at the most affordable costs.

Santa Fe Environmental Inc. is your one stop shop for the highest quality SWPP plans, NOIs, BMPs for builders before, during and after for full compliance with EPA law. We also provide plans for MSGP (multi-sector general permits).

What is SWPPP?

SWPPP or Storm Water Prevention Pollution Plan is the identification of any possible source of pollutants and erosion from an active construction site that may contaminate or otherwise harm our environment. In the SWPPP there will also be descriptions of plans to prevent such run off from leaving the site and procedures from operators to ensure compliance.

SWPP plans are required for construction sites that disturb one or more acre of earth. Additionally, smaller sites that contribute to a greater plan of development (e.g. building in a sub-division) will require a SWPPP as well. City, state and other laws may impose further requirements for site that need a SWPPP.